| 7th International Istanbul Biennial |

Istanbul, spanning a history of three millennia will once again host contemporary art. The 8th International Istanbul Biennial, organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts has been set for September - November 2003 under the curatorship of Dan Cameron. The conceptual framework of the Biennial will be announced in October 2002.

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Dan CameronDan Cameron is Senior Curator at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, a position he received in 1995. Cameron, based in New York since 1979, has organised such exhibitions as Extended Sensibilities (New Museum, 1982); Art and its Double (Fundacio 'La Caixa', Barcelona and Madrid, 1986-87); Aperto (Biennale di Venezia, 1988); What is Contemporary Art? (Rooseum, Malmo, 1989); Modern Detour (Vienna Secession, 1990); The Savage Garden (Fundacio 'la Caixa,' Madrid, 1991); Future Perfect (Heilegenkreuzerhof, Vienna, 1993); Cocido y Crudo (Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, 1994); Threshold (Fundacio Serralves, Oporto, 1995); and Kenny Scharf (MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey, 1996).

Since joining the New Museum as a Senior Curator in 1995, he has organised the exhibitions Carolee Schneemann: Up to and Including her Limits (Nov. 1996); Enclosures: Teresita Fernandez, Nedko Solakov, Hale Tenger (Nov. 1996); Remota: Airmail Paintings of Eugenio Dittborn (Feb. 1997); Cardoso Flea Circus (Dec. 1997); Unland: Doris Salcedo (March 1998); Martin Wong (May 1998); Bili Bidjocka/Los Carpinteros/Rivane Neueschwander (June 1998); Dancing at the Louvre; Faith Ringgold's French Collection and Other Story Quilts (Oct. 1998); Marcel Odenbach (Oct. 1998); Ana Prada (Oct. 1998); Xu Bing: Introduction to New Englsih Calligraphy (Oct. 1998); Fever: the Art of David Wojnarowicz (Jan. 1999), Open House: Michael Smith and Joshua White (April 1999), Cildo Meireles (Nov. 1999), Pierre et Gilles (Sept.2000), Paul McCarthy (Mar 2001), William Kentridge (Jun 2001), and Wim Delvoye: Cloaca (Jan 2002); and Media Lounge projects by Christian Marclay and Antoni Abad.

He has written extensively on contemporary art since 1981, and has been Contributing Editor for Art Magazine, Art&Auction, Artforum and Flash Art, as well as a writer for Parkett and trans. He has published exhibition catalogues and monographic texts on numerous artists, including Afrika, Janine Antoni, Stefano Arienti, Mathew Barney, Luca Buvoli, Max Cole, Braco Dimitrijevic, Wim Delvoye, Willie Doherty, Carroll Dunham, Jimmie Durham, R.M. Fischer, Luis Gordillo, Peter Halley, Deborah Kass, William Kentridge, Igor and Svetlana Kopystiansky, John McCracken, Kiki Lamers, Pieter Laurens Moll, Matt Mullican, Daniel Oates, Marcel Odenbach, Pepon Ossorio, Perejaume, Pierre et Gilles, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Rosangela Renno, Allen Ruppersberg, Edward Ruscha, David Salle, Juliao Sarmento, Laurie Simmons, Serge Spitzer, Juan Usle, Xavier Veilhan, Antoni Tapies, Rigoberto Torres, Meyer Vaisman, Sue Williams, and others. Other museum catalogue texts by Cameron have been published by the Royal Academy of Arts, London; ICA, London; Fundacio 'La Caixa', Barcelona; Museum of Modern Art, Oxford; Museum fur Moderner Kunst, Vienna; Neue Museum, Bremen; Le Magasin, Grenoble; Newport Harbor Art Museum; University Art Museum, Santa Barbara; University Art Museum, Long Beach and other institutions.

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